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Her name was written on a photograph [Monday
July 24th, 2006]
[ mood | i really wish i could sleep... ]

well, damn. it's been a while since i updated sooo here comes the recap. uuuh i went to minnesota it was nice to see family and so so so great to see one of my favorite cousins anna so happy. marching starts on tuesday and i could not be more excited about it. i think it will be sooooo great. freshman initiation i'm not feeling so hot about, but whatev i'll live, right? anyway i really suppose i should've practiced sometime during this long break but i haven't. 

i went to the movies yesterday...well technically it was 2 days ago and saw lady in the water with jeremy. i wasn't so keen (hah i just said keen) about the movie but it was really nice to see him. i'll admit, i did about jump out of my skin a few time because of the fucking sprinklers that would randomly go off and scare the shit out of me. the characters were pretty cool, acting was okay, cinematography sucked waaaaaay hard core and the special effects were pretty neat-o. hah since when am i a film critic? whatever.... other than those things summer has been not so eventful i guess. the kitten has grown a lot and is still a terror, only now he's a bigger terror. 

the big downer is that summer is coming to an end and i know it. and now i get to not look forward to high school because i'll have to go through it without 2 of the most important people to me in the world, i think i'll die without anxa and price :(. and then there's jeremy and rob and roy and mo and peter and travis russell and the rachels and all of those wonderful people that i have to go through my 4 years of high school without. what the hell am i supposed to do? the good thing is i still have alana and conor and ben and russell and although i want to kill him griffen and travis. well i think that's all i've got for now. laterrrr. ah it's almost 2:22!!!


well 2 shoot ♥

June 16th, 2006]
[ mood | hungry ]

so i saw cars with alana and that is pretty much the funniest movie i have ever seen. i loved it. i also saw da vinci code with price and it sucked. i was so disappointed because the book was soooo amazing and the movie was just awful. stupid tom hanks.

i got a new kitten. his name is jojup (baby bong) cordes (don't ask). he's cute and orange and i'm fixin' to post some picture of us. i re-dyed my hair it's a lighter red. more noticeable. me gusta. OH! good news, jeremy and i are engaged :) yay!! what else?

i recently finished possible side effects wonderfully hilarious book, of course. and today i finished extremely loud and incredibly close. oh my god it was amazing. i was horribly confused for some of the time but it was totally worth it because i am IN LOVE with this book. everybody go read it now!! and i'm getting ready to start me talk pretty one day which is also supposed to be pretty awesome.

uuuumm anxa and i are working together in her parent's office. we have fun and shred for hours like today and have wars and make the biggest messes known to man kind with little pieces of paper. it's wonderful aaaand yeah. i don't know i leave for minnesota in less than 2 weeks. i won't be there too long so yeah. uuummm if anybody would like to babysit my kitten (he's too young to stay all alone) that would be awesome. aaand i'm done.

well 1 shoot ♥

i wish ipods didn't hate me [Monday
June 5th, 2006]
[ mood | confused ]

well it's like 5:30 and i can't sleep for shit. i went to bed probably around 10:30 and then was woken up by my phone vibrating ridiculously loud on my desk. it was stuart and he was in the middle of hyde park wondering what the curfew was for minors on weekends. what the hell? well i probably fell asleep around 11 and was woken up because i was sort or lashing around in my bed and clawing at my pillow crying because of the scary ass dream i was having. i'll explain in a minute. so while i was awake i read for a while then at about 2 i watched a walk to remember and cried and then i watched the last hour of that old 1960s movie time machine. i forgot how weird that movie is.

so in my dream i was walking down the street looking for anxa and i couldn't really see anything because it was raining and i didn't have my glasses. there was a woman standing in the middle of the street holding a broken vase that had a weird dragon fire print on it screaming at the top of her lungs about the cars. then she got hit and fell over and dropped the vase. but instead of the vase breaking to more pieces it became whole again and stood upright. it was the strangest thing. so i kept walking down the street and that was when i noticed this creepy man following me. i would run and he would just stare at me for a minute and some how even though he was hardly moving he would catch up to me. finally he came up to me and threw the vase at my face and it shattered and cut my face up. i started crying and screaming because i needed to find anxa because we had to go somewhere. and the guy just kept laughing while i was lying on the sidewalk trying to clear my face of the broken glass so i could get up and see and find anxa. but after i realized i couldn't get the glass out my face i started going into shock and clawing at the sidewalk and lashing around. that man just stood their laughing. that's when i looked out and i was the woman in the middle of the street that had been screaming and holding the vase and had gotten hit by the car. i don't really get it.

lila has been hanging out with me a lot lately. i figure she needs me for one reason or another just because she's small and she's weird and she's a dog. and she goes through weird phases where she thinks we're attached at the hip. but then i realized that i think its the other way around. i need her. we're both trying to fix each other but we don't know what we're trying to fix. so we're not really getting anywhere. but she's a damn good listener and she always makes me laugh. so what i've been doing is hanging out with her and reading.

well 1 shoot ♥

well.... [Saturday
June 3rd, 2006]
[ mood | sad ]

well one of my cats died today. luna she was a beautiful siamese. i guess she just got old... she was such a badass, she lived with my dad with two other male cats. so she lived with a bunch of boys and she kicked all their asses. i remember when we first got her she hated people but she got used to us all. and then when she had her kittens she was a rockin' momma. i'll miss her.

i think that the people that dig graves for a living and bury people must be really numb. how could you do that? i mean yeah....it's a living but how hard would that be? i couldn't even imagine. also i watched garden state yesterday i liked it a lot. i also thought that it was kind of ironic that she has to bury her hamster and no matter how many animals she lost it NEVER got easier. you know like...the first time you finish a really long book and you feel so proud but eventually that feeling goes away and then finishing books is just another thing. that never happens with death. because that is the one thing that nobody can deal with.

well i got augusten burroughs' new book today. i like it a lot so far. it's funny as usual and summer has been good. i think i'm going to see the da vinci code with grant today or tomorrow.

marching band is amazing might i add. and i'm good at it. too bad mr. burks made us do these weird squat things which was really hard on my knees and now i'm in major pain. stairs will not happen for a while. oh yeah i got a job too. me and anxa will be working together at her parents office 6 bucks an hour. so i won't complain.

well 1 shoot ♥

dooce? [Thursday
May 11th, 2006]
[ mood | refreshed ]

tomorrow is santi's birthday i made him rainbow cupcakes with pink strawberry icing that reminds me of the gross ice cream that you get from the ice cream truck that everybody loves but always melts to quick. and then you have to lick it off your arm. plus a bunch of green writing all over them and then of course some orange sprinkles. i think he'll love them, because i do. anx is making him a card that has a robot on the front and maybe a dino. i'm excited. anywho....

i died my hair, it is now red. not like....bright fire truck red, but red like.....natural darker ish red you know? anyway i like it.

i feel like it's been too long from the last time i updated there's a lot to tell. chicago was.....i've never seen such a large group of people come together so quickly i love everyone of those people and they will always be my family. especially mr. guh because he is so damn strong its crazy. i think i'll die when i don't have him next year.

well, everyday at lunch we play mao(sp?) now. that definitely rhymes. that stupid card game that is so frustrating but i love it because today i almost won. but i forgot to say "suicide king" so i lost and rob won instead...oops "penalty card for saying a rule."

jazz band's central market gig on sunday pretty much sucked dick, but that's okay because just about everybody forgot their music and our two tenors were gone. uuummmm what else? no se. ooooooh right our final concert is on monday and i vote that EVERYBODY goes to see the jazz band because we're going to rock it if i do say so myself. and i do because our last song, rob arranged it and it's Baker Street. annnnd i'm pretty sure we're going to have 3 guitar players for it. which will be fucking great. yes yes yes i'm excited.

uuummmmmmm i learned about LSD today in science with peter. what a mysterious drug, i found it pretty interesting that you can hear colors and see sounds. w0rd amazing too bad it's pretty unpredictable so you never know what will happen to you. oh no i sound like such a loser. oh man. enough for now. later gators.

well 4 shoot ♥

April 26th, 2006]


HEY WHAT?!?!?!

CHICAGOOOOOOOOOO is in an hour and a half. oooooooooh yes it is you best believe it.
these are the days that i've been missin'.  give me the taste, give me the joy of summer wine.

well 3 shoot ♥

hellllllll yeah [Tuesday
April 18th, 2006]
[ mood | nerdy ]

w0rd, i'm alive i swear. don't worry about it. so i cut my hair ooooon sunday because i decided it is WAY too hot lately. seriously i was talking to a few friends that live in washington, it is 50 there and 38 at night. while over here it's like 130 day AND night. ridiculous if you ask me. 
anywho how is everybody? my new ipod should be here tomorrow or thursday and i'm pretty excited about that it will have new clothes when it gets here as well. not too much is new with me. fucking TAKS this week which totally sucks dick.  it's okay, though because anx and i are going to match tomorrow it is going to be fabulous. so i'm excited. i'm so ready for summer? who's with me?  i think everything is going to be okay.   CHICAGO IS IN 8 DAYS!! HELL YEAH IT IS!  I'M PUUUMPED! MY ROOM PEOPLE AND MY BUS BUDDY ALL ROCK SO HARD!      

well 1 shoot ♥

i love this giiiiirl [Sunday
March 19th, 2006]
[ mood | wtf?!?! ]

"and tyson sit's like across...*is cut off*"

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i'm alive [Sunday
March 12th, 2006]
[ mood | talkin to anx ]

jonathan got bronchitis i hope he didn't give it to me :(
bowling yesterday with anx, travis, alana, erin and price was wonderful and so was the night before. i love playing charades for hours and then sitting in the front yard and freezing my ass off and talking with rachel. i think we're going to see aquamarine :) because we're losers. i love her.
anyway i have some cute/awesome photo documentation of the last few weekends the last was spent walking around with jack and patrick for a while. we found a kite string and anwe ended  

well 2 shoot ♥

god god damnit damnit [Friday
February 17th, 2006]
[ mood | scared ]

sooooo here is the 411 ms. dick face (roy) basically is the worst teacher i have EVER had.  i hate her with a burning passion. i am going to fail her class and for once it's not becasue i suck at life, it's because she is an unorganized bitch and sucks at life and lost a lot of my work,  that and i missed three of her classes which, naturally were the most crucial ones for this six weeks. soooo we had to turn in our portfolios and i worked so so so hard on mine, and i loved it. too bad this loser head lost my letter thing, and so i got a 50 on that.  soooo i was pretty angry. then she decided to start talking down to me, and to blame her loosing my stuff on me. so i got really really mad, and now what i'm going to do all weekend is re-write my whole damn life for her so i don't fail and i can go to damn UIL and Chicago.  ooohhh yeah and get this! she gave me a 0 on the Of Mice and Men trial. i was a lawyer and should've gotten like a million on that. sooo yeah my life is over. sorry if i die with in the next couple days. and the one person that i want to talk to and need to talk to is in corpus christi swimming his ass off. 
i wish i could record some stuff this weekend but i don't see that happening....

pssssss saw II is the scariest most twisted shit i've ever ever ever seen. i need therapy. buuuuut i did laugh pretty hard when the huge guy needed the number on the back of his neck, but couldn't see it so he cut off the back of his neck and then realized that he didn't have a number. so he put his neck in his pocket. i think it was more of a laugh of trauma like last year when we had to watch the genital STD slide. that was badddddd.

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because i have to [Friday
February 10th, 2006]
[ mood | sick as fuuuuccckkk ]

Leave your name and:
1. I'll respond with something I like about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll name something we should do together
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me (or just me).
5. I'll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I'll leave you a quote that is somehow appropriate to you
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal. You MUST!

well 2 shoot ♥

damnit [Monday
January 30th, 2006]
[ mood | sad ]

so it looks like i don't really have a choice of where i'm going for highschool. damnit, i super super super wish i would've been responsible for once and not screwed myself over :(. whatever at least i'll still be with jonathan and alana and conor and bianca. that's about it, though.
anxxxx promise we'll still be friends and not just be like "let's keep in touch" and then not do it. i don't know what i would do without you a lot of the time. i'm going to miss you like hell. but, at least we'll always have chicago and that's going to be the best shit EVERRRRR.
i heart seeing little kids and then laughing so hard i cry. fucking hell *waddles* FOOOODDD!!!!
*dies laughing* XD!!!
"we got a stalker straight ahead, about a foot tall." lmao
"dumbass, that's like twoooo feet"




fuck fuck fuck. i hate this. i'm going to miss you

well 2 shoot ♥

January 11th, 2006]


1. Name: nova
2. Birthday: november 9th
3. Place of residence: austin texas
4. What makes you happy: the rain, talking on the phone until i fall asleep, dancing
5. What are you listening to now/have listened to last: straight to hell-the clash
6. Do you read my LJ: mhm
7. If you do, what is particularly good/bad about it: your pitchures=good
8. An interesting fact about you: i'll do 2 :) uuummmm i once got attacked by a swan, aand the first thing i always notice about people is their bottom lip
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment: nope
10. Favorite place to be: lying in my room, in the sun
11. Favorite lyric: should i cool it or should i blow? or girls call me jolly rancher because i stay so hard you can suck me for a long time oh my god
12. Best time of the year: spring, or maybe fall cause it's my birthday

1. A film: just because i'm a dork mean girls, oooorr maybe the graduate
2. A book: running with scissors
3. A band, a song and an album: these three are going to have no relation at all band=led zeppelin, song=lover-charlie parker, aaand album=apostrophe (') frank zappa

1. One thing you like about me: your jewlery
2. Two things you like about yourself: my eyes, my mouth

for miss_watson

well 0 shoot ♥

i ♥ dressing up as a lawyer with alana, and then kicking ass in our trial [Sunday
January 8th, 2006]
[ mood | blah ]

so basically i super want to quit jazz band because honestly i suck. and we have a test over a song i can't play in tuesday :(. the bad thing is i don't think mr. g would ever ever ever let me quit because then there would be NO altos. whatever.

on  a lighter note my trial went really well. alana and i were soooooooo over dressed it was amazing. we had our little black blazer things, aaand i was wearing a black tie with a bunch of fruit and vegetables on it (coolest thing ever) and alana was wearing a blue one that had scales on it and said justice (it was ridiculously tacky but we all loved it). alana and i pretty much objected to everything bianca and travis said. plus mr. roy liked it a lot too. sooo yeah an awesome friday. after school PE is actualy really fun i have jack, mo, rob, travis russell aaand yeah sooo it's pretty fun. we don't really do anything either.

my dad, my sister and i are going to the tower tonight aand we're going to take some pitchures sooo those should be up laterrrrrrr

well 3 shoot ♥

going to california with an aching in my heart [Wednesday
January 4th, 2006]
[ mood | tired ]

new layout. i love it
yes? no?

well 6 shoot ♥

we like the cars [Saturday
December 31st, 2005]
[ mood | hyper ]

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE GUYS!!! have the TIME of your life

well 0 shoot ♥

fucking ipod [Friday
December 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | pissed off ]

shit shit. who the fuck is shooting me?

i just basically killed my ipod. i no longer have ANY music on it i'm going to DIE

well, i had a good time last night. 2 lbs of gummy bears+price+me+seeing fun with dick and jane=the funnest think ever. that movie was sooooooo funny i honestly almost died laughing. everyone should go see it hurry run go quick now fast. hokay bye

well 2 shoot ♥

hi [Tuesday
December 20th, 2005]
[ mood | thirsty ]

if you were looking for sheakillerqueen's new journal 

you found me.

well 3 shoot ♥

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